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3 Things You Must Not Do in Your Drawing  Room
Tuesday, June 30th 2015 | Living Room
If there is one room that gets special attention in almost every house in the world, it is drawing room. We are all aware why our drawing rooms need to be on point. It is the place where we sit and have conversations with our friends or relatives, which is why decorating them becomes mandatory. ...
3 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Corridors
Monday, June 29th 2015 | Exterior
We are usually so busy decorating our bedrooms, drawing rooms and living rooms that we completely ignore the little sections of our house. If you live in a house or an apartment that has corridors, you need to pay special attention to this part of the house. Mentioned below are three simple ideas you can ...
3 Simple Tips to Make Your Bedroom Lively
Wednesday, June 24th 2015 | Bedroom
We all love decorating our bedrooms, and why not? It is our personal space and we should do whatever it takes to make it special for us to live in. However, stuffing your bedroom with furniture isn’t always a great idea. Decoration is an art and you need to be aware of what you are ...
3 Exciting Ideas to Make the Most of Your Rooftop
Friday, June 19th 2015 | Design Ideas
There is nothing better than having a cup of coffee in open air. Usually families like to do that in their gardens, but not all of us have that sort of luxury. If you don’t have a garden in your house, there is no better alternative than your own roof top. Here some ways you ...
3 Ways to Make Use of Space in the Basement
Monday, June 15th 2015 | Design Ideas
Most of the times, all we have in the basement are the things that we don’t use anymore. Just like bathrooms, it is also one of the most neglected sections of the house. Usually there is plenty of space in the basement and we do not make good use of it. So, if you are ...
2 Simple Ideas to Create the Best Home Office
Saturday, June 13th 2015 | Home Office
So, you are starting up your own business and you do have enough money rent or buy your own office. No worries, your own house could be the best workplace. In fact, even if you have money you do not have to spend it on buying a new office. Here are some of the best ...
Follow These 4 of the Best Decorating Tips for Large Bedrooms
Thursday, June 11th 2015 | Bedroom
So, you have just moved to a new house and you get a bedroom which is huge.  It will certainly make you happy having so much room, but if you don’t make the right use of the space available to you, your bedroom might look a bit empty and boring. Here are some of the ...
4 Tips to Beautify Your Balcony
Tuesday, June 9th 2015 | Exterior
Balcony is just as important as any other place in the house. It’s a place you go and have conversations with your family, friends and relatives. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places to be in the house, but when it comes to decorating this place, we usually run out of ideas. Here are ...
3 Useful Things You Probably Don’t Put in Your Kitchen
Monday, June 8th 2015 | Kitchen
When it comes to kitchen, hardly anyone go beyond basics. People spend a lot of money getting expensive cabinets, fridge and dinner sets. Basically, the entire focus is towards how it is supposed to look, rather than how useful it could be. So, if you plan on making a new kitchen, here are a few ...
4 Ideas to Make Your Living Room a Lively Place
Sunday, June 7th 2015 | Living Room
Living room is one of the first places your guests or friends see when they come to your houses. The way we decorate our houses is a clear representation of how we spend our lives. If our living rooms are messy and disorganized, it leaves an extremely bad impression. However, when you enter a house ...
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