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The Basics of Installing a Home Theatre
Thursday, April 24th 2014 | Home Improvement
Just like it is essential to introduce new things in every dimension of your life, it is important to introduce something unique to your lifestyle and in your house, too. For families who like to rejoice the weekend over a drink, popcorn and some nachos, the best way to do this is over a movie. ...
Home Improvement – Points to Ponder!
Tuesday, April 22nd 2014 | Home Improvement
Home improvement is a consistent process and cannot be forgotten about after being completed once. Therefore, new additions across your house are always an add-on, and most of the times, even required to bring about change and innovation. Plan Differently! Is it that time of the year, when you want something unique in your house ...
Small Kitchens – A Big Investment!
Sunday, April 20th 2014 | Kitchen
A small kitchen may be tricky to furnish, but seriously, it can be done just as amazingly as a large one. The Color! Use light colored tiles and wall paint when your kitchen is small. Try to make use of a window that is there, so the kitchen still remains airy and bright. Then focus ...
Customize Your Walls According to Your Style!
Friday, April 18th 2014 | Home Improvement
Bored of the color of your walls day after day and looking to remodel? Your options are plenty. However, most of us often tend to overlook all those artsy ideas, and instead resort to a clichéd, newly painted wall, in some different color every time. Think Out of the Box! Tell yourself that you’re not ...
Store Away in Style!
Wednesday, April 16th 2014 | Garage
The idea of having a garage may sound conventional to most people. But now, a garage is not restricted to just allowing space for your vehicle but you can use it for various other purposes. Innovation Yes, it may sound odd, but a garage can be unique in its own way. It not only keeps ...
Know Your Kitchen!
Monday, April 14th 2014 | Kitchen, Uncategorized
A kitchen is the most functional place in a house. Above all fancy, what matters most is how far it facilitates accessibility in a practical way. What Makes a Kitchen Most Functional? The correct placement of things is extremely important in a kitchen, and that is exactly what makes it easier, and most functional. The ...
Light Up Your Living Room!
Saturday, April 12th 2014 | Living Room
In our last post, we have discussed why it is important to create a living room experience for your family by maintaining a high quality living room in terms of relaxation and decoration. So let’s start with lighting up your living room… The entrance to your home has to be appealing. A living room, for ...
How to Maintain the Perfect Summer Garden!
Thursday, April 10th 2014 | Garden
Gardening is an awful responsibility unless one takes interest in it as gardening especially in the summers is a very tough job. But, it can be a breeze of fresh air if you know how to maintain your garden in the summers.  Here are some useful tips that can help an avid gardener gear up ...
The Ease of a Home Office!
Tuesday, April 8th 2014 | Home Office
While the idea of ‘working from home’ has gained popularity, home offices have become increasingly common. Work needs to be done in an organized setting, with a well-equipped, customized home office. Even though working from home may be relatively casual, your working space has to have some degree of comfort, personalization, equipment, and other means ...
The Joys of GARDENING!
Sunday, April 6th 2014 | Garden
An outdoor experience is essential irrespective of where on the globe you are located. Therefore, maintaining a garden is always an add-on, a healthy hobby and a place to relax in the evenings for your family. In almost every part of the world, a lush green lawn, with a fountain, and pebbles here and there ...
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