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Foyers – Get Creative, Get Classy!
Tuesday, August 26th 2014 | Design Ideas, Interior
Add more creativity to your existing interior by unique aesthetic ideas such as making your foyer look more appealing. Basic Improvement Additions There are certain known ideas to manage the appearance of your foyer. If your foyer has a flight of stairs, space is most likely to be congested and therefore room for decoration is ...
Indoor Plants – Your Personal Breath of Fresh Air!
Sunday, August 24th 2014 | Design Ideas, Home Improvement, Interior, Living Room
To maintain home design and outlook, tangible items are not the only thing needed. Just as much as everything else, the ambiance of your house has to be maintained.  This can be done through upkeep and fresh air and indoor plants do this task the best! The air inside the house determines the mood and ...
Cutlery and Crockery – Enhance Your Home with Elegance!
Friday, August 22nd 2014 | Design Ideas, Modern
Many do not consider it so, but crockery and cutlery are major tools which enhance the outlook of your home and are eye catching for those who visit you. The kind of crockery and cutlery used often sets the mood for a family to behave accordingly. With the advancement in everything else, even little things ...
Bath Tubs – A Sophisticated Edition!
Wednesday, August 20th 2014 | Bathroom, Design Ideas, Uncategorized
A bathroom defines personal space to unwind and the more lavish it is the better for someone to freshen up after a long day. Lavish bathrooms have always been a preference for all. This facility is used by spas and hotels. But, it is everyone’s dream to have this facility in their very house. A ...
Bed Sheets – An Important Element!
Monday, August 18th 2014 | Bedroom, Design Ideas, Interior
Home interiors can become more vibrant by adding detail to existing materials around your house. These include accessories, art, paintings, carpets, curtains, rugs, mats, cushion covers, and bed sheets. Even though this may sound cliched, these items are typically what make the household different from occasion to occasion and day to day. Add Variation! Variation ...
Light Up Your Home with a Skylight!
Saturday, August 16th 2014 | Design Ideas, Home Improvement, Interior, Modern
A skylight is an inlet of light created inside the confines of your humble abode. They have been around for centuries and were even used in ancient roman architectures to illuminate spaces. Many historic buildings such as the Pantheon have a skylight incorporated in their design. There are many designs to choose from, when installing ...
Childproofing – Creating a Safe Home for Your Child!
Thursday, August 14th 2014 | Home Improvement
Once you aim to start a family with our loved ones, life as you know it takes a complete U-turn. There are various activities that have to be avoided and others that must be taken upon in order for new life hope to begin. Those who become new parents are truly tested as they venture ...
Wall Decoration – Make Your Walls Come Alive!
Tuesday, August 12th 2014 | Design Ideas, Interior
In our homes we have many areas that need to be in the limelight at all times. Our walls are a very important feature of the house hold. They can at times become dull and that is when the need to decorate arises. You must transform the plain painted area into an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. ...
The Guide to Your Magic Carpet!
Sunday, August 10th 2014 | Design Ideas
Carpets have been used in homes around the world for decades. The word is derived from an Italian term “caprice” and is often referred to as rug. Many would refer to a carpet as a piece fitting the entire room wall to wall while the rug is known as its smaller counterpart. Carpets come in ...
Creating a Modern Day Living Room!
Friday, August 8th 2014 | Design Ideas, Interior, Living Room
The modern living room is trending out to be elegant, clean and simple in design. The color scheme of modern times is neutral yet somehow incorporates a hint of bold colors. When the base color is neutral you can add patches of bright ones that will give multiple dimensions to the room. The look of ...
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