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Window Installation in the Attic!
Friday, September 19th 2014 | Design Ideas, Home Improvement
The attic is that one particular destination everyone is afraid to approach simply due to the fact that it is dark and grim. However, it is imperative that every house should have a window in every attic. This gives it a face lift and turns it into a vibrant lively and welcoming location of the ...
Guide to Electrical Safety
Wednesday, September 17th 2014 | Home Improvement
While carrying out DIY projects in around the house which involve electrical safety, it is extremely important that you keep some guidelines in mind. These fail safe tips can assure safety for you ad those around you if followed: Very Important Safety against electricity is very important and it is a matter that should be ...
DIY Guide: Installing a Ceiling Fan!
Monday, September 15th 2014 | Design Ideas, Home Improvement, Interior
Ceiling fans bring an extra gust of wind to the home that can prove to be quite refreshing. However, paying an electrician a large fee to install fans, air conditioning or fix plugs gets quite annoying. This guide can help you install a ceiling without any hassle and make the process pocket friendly for you. ...
DIY Guide: How to Repair Cracks!
Saturday, September 13th 2014 | Home Improvement
Cracked tiles, cracks in ceilings and walls are a huge problem as even a single one destroys the whole outlook of the area. They leave you bummed out as you have to pay a large price to get them fixed which leaves your pocket gasping for air as well. Well fret no more as this ...
Cornice – The Wonder of the House!
Saturday, September 13th 2014 | Design Ideas
The cornice is a decorative moulding that crowns either a furniture element or a building. It can be a wonderful addition to the house as it is aesthetically pleasing. You can add one to your house easily if you follow these steps: Measurement Begin by measuring out the piece to attach the cornice to. Add ...
Redecorating Under a Budget!
Thursday, September 11th 2014 | Design Ideas
When it comes to redecorating/ redecorating the house one of the biggest limitation is the budget. It determines the type, quality and extent of your work. After countless home makeovers here is what many experts believe can be a cost effective way to give your home a complete makeover. Your aim should be to achieve ...
Landscaping the Garden!
Tuesday, September 9th 2014 | Garden
The piece of land in your house that ties the home together has to be the garden. However, it is the most difficult piece to manage and to manage it well is of extreme importance. One important factor to consider while planning out your garden is landscaping. What is landscaping you might ask? It is ...
Make Your Home a Bug Free Zone!
Sunday, September 7th 2014 | Home Improvement, Uncategorized
No matter how fascinated you are with insects, you have to agree that they are the most unwelcome guests one can have in their home. Insects are attracted to food and trash and if these sources are eliminated than no more will they venture in to your territory, BUT, remember all of this is possible ...
Tree Houses – Spot of Solace for the Little Ones
Friday, September 5th 2014 | Design Ideas, Interior
Designing a playroom for your child? Be sure to make it as interesting as possible. Spaces for kids are usually based on a theme, but to break that convention and step into something new is far more interesting! Therefore, the idea of a tree house playroom for your child is bound to be a sure ...
Dressing Tables – Dress Your Bedrooms the Right Way!
Wednesday, September 3rd 2014 | Bedroom, Design Ideas
Just like other pieces of furniture, something that has not quite run out of trend yet often ignored is a dressing table. Dressing tables are generally found in bedrooms and their size is proportionate to the size of the bedroom. Variety in Dressing Tables Dressing tables may be those stacked with drawers on the front ...
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